TSW Resource Library

TSW Resource Library

Thankfully, there is more and more information on Topical Steroid Withdrawal/Addiction Syndrome, or Red Skin Syndrome, as days go by. There are more stories being shared about babies to adults experiencing TSW/A. There is more research being done. Hopefully one day the very harmful side effects of topical steroids will be taken seriously by mainstream medical community.

A list of resources for your perusal:

  • ITSAN.org - THE TSWS website that started it all for us.
  • Red Skin Syndrome - By Dr. Marvin Rapaport, the doctor behind shedding the light on Red Skin Syndrome after seeing and treating countless patients suffering from such. If you live in southern CA, you can find his practice at Rapaport Dermatology of Beverly Hills.
  • Dr. Fukaya's Blog about TSA - A Japanese doctor explaining in detail how the skin functions, his own personal story, and thirty-plus other posts on Topical Steroid Addiction.
  • Preventable: Protecting Our Largest Organ - The first documentary about Red Skin Syndrome. Directed and produced by a TSW warrior, Briana Banos. She journeyed across the world to speak with specialists and sufferers on the prevention and understanding of Red Skin Syndrome.
  • Isaiah Quinn - The first baby TSW story I read that brought me to tears. Isaiah's story solidified our decision to embark on our TSW journey.
  • The Home Herbalist - The Etsy shop ran by Isaiah Quinn's mom. She makes amazing balms for the skin, not just for eczema or TSW. Her balms helped heal her son from TSW. I also highlighted her Etsy shop in my products page.
  • Cara's TSW Database - A TSW warrior herself, Ms. Cara created this amazing TSW Database that I was going to create myself, until I was pointed in her direction. On there, she lists loads of blogs, websites, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and news articles from people sharing their TSW journeys.
  • Cara's TSW Database: Medical Journals - This is one of my favorite parts about Cara's website. She has a page full of TSW medical journals, papers, articles, studies, and medical reviews! I wish she had published this when we started doing our own research. Thank you, Cara!
  • FDA Voluntary Reporting Form - We must get the word out to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration about the adverse effects from topical steroids. If you think you have TSA or know someone who has, please report your struggles. Click here for the step-by-step procedure with ITSAN President Kathryn Tullos.

Highlighting More TSW Children:

  • Mom Jolene with her warrior son, Max, who went through TSW and a relapse after an ER visit, but has since recovered for a total of six years TSW (Wow, Jolene is a saint to say the least!).
  • Mom Shannon with her warrior son, Eli, who went through TSW for two years.
  • Mom Rosemarie with her warrior son, Brian, who went through TSW beginning October 2013 for what appears to be five years through November 2018.
  • Mom with her warrior daughter, Catherine, who at about 1 year old went through TSW for what appears to be two years and has made a full recovery.
  • Mom Kristina with her warrior daughter, who went through TSW and healed after about 10 months being off topical steroids.
  • Mom Loren with her warrior son, Kline, who went through TSW for what appears to be three years.
  • Mom with her warrior son, Keegan, who went through TSW for about two years.
  • Mom with her warrior daughter, Amy, who went through TSW for about two years.
  • Mom with her warrior daughter, who was 5 months old and went through TSW beyond a year.